noun flo·rai·son 
: floweringblossoming

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Welcome to Floraison, a floral design studio working in a way that is elegant but playful, muted but colorful, soft but textured. It's difficult to use the term "we" when describing the studio, because currently, "we" are a one-woman production. Let me introduce myself -- I'm Amy and I have a "thing" for anything floral.

My roots have not always been in flowers, but I've always had a certain affinity for them. I graduated from DePaul University in 2010 with degrees in photography and French translation. Somehow, I suppose, that lead me here. After a couple of years, I started arranging for fun -- to spruce up my apartment, for friends who were sick -- and those close to me took notice. I realized that not only did I want to create arrangements for people, but I wanted to create a business that reflected what I thought was beautiful.

Finally, after spending some time toying with the idea, Floraison was established in 2015. It's hard not to think of "flowering, blossoming" as a metaphor for my job. I am truly excited about the future.

Currently, most of my energy goes into weddings and events, but I also enjoy making smaller arrangements for individuals, subscriptions and markets as well. Feel free to contact me at for more information. I'd love to meet you and talk flowers.

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Amy Nohl, owner and designer at Floraison. Photo by Chuck Dong.

Floraison's studio space is located in the Fulton Street Collective. Consultations are free and by appointment only.

401 N. Paulina St.
Chicago, IL  60622